Shipwrecked Revived By E4!

E4 seeks castaways for supercharged new series of Shipwrecked

Casting has kicked off for a supercharged new series of Shipwrecked. Filming this summer, the sun-kissed reality series will be re-imagined with a new generation of islanders setting up camp on two rival islands: Shark Island and Tiger Island.

The two tribes will battle it out to win over new arrivals, with the largest tribe at the end of the life-changing adventure being crowned as winners of the ultimate popularity contest in paradise.

Both tribes must use their creativity and skill to make their camp the biggest and best, and this time the islands will hold secrets, hidden treasures and tempting traps that could change the islanders’ winning hopes.

Applications have now opened and potential castaways hoping to experience this once-in-a-lifetime adventure should head to for details on how to apply.

The 15 x 60’ series will bring Shipwrecked back to our screens for the first time since 2011. The series is executive produced by Neale Simpson and Kate Bates for Fizz, part of RDF TV, and a Banijay Group company, and Abigail Adams for Motion Content Group. The series has been commissioned for E4 by Dom Bird, Head of Formats and Simone Haywood, Formats Commissioning Editor.

Neale Simpson, Executive Producer, Fizz, comments: “These incredible islands are waiting to welcome the next generation of Tigers and Sharks. Shipwrecked has always been known for its richly diverse and remarkable characters and we can’t wait to meet the new islanders bringing hedonism, heroism, heart, and hilarity to our paradise island adventure.”

Abigail Adams, Executive Producer, Motion Content Group added: “We’re delighted to be working alongside Fizz and E4 in bringing back this well-loved brand and to welcome a new generation of paradise castaways to this exciting, supercharged series of Shipwrecked.” (E4)