Grimm Spinoff Announced By NBC 1 Year After Cancellation!

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  1. Candace

    Yay! I am really happy to see this!

    1. Joseph Adam Risinger

      Sorry Candice it won’t be happening ??

      1. Zelena

        Prove it?

  2. Joseph Adam Risinger

    The series wasn’t picked up so it won’t be happening. I spoke to the production studio personally.

    1. Robbin

      Who are you? How do you speak to the production studio? How can we get information directly from them. why is this just updated August 14, 2019 and it still says they are waiting for information? Why should anyone believe you?

  3. Loraine

    oh what a huge shame so much potential – I recommend to everyone to watch the 6 seasons of Grimm. One of the best series I have every watched. LOVE all of the characters. Amazing show. Really thought it would take off with Grimm/Wesson kids. Wish someone would do it!

  4. Anina

    This is truly a same this was the most interesting mind gripping series on TV all the new stuff it seems a bit boring
    A spinoff of the hell hell racing kids of the Grimm and friend that should be the most interesting thing to watch

  5. Fran

    Que vuelva que vuelva…grimm o spin off. Solo quiero que vuelvaaaaa! 🙁

  6. Michelle

    I thought there would be more with Diana and Kellie taking over from their parents dealing and Nick

  7. Dave

    Is it coming back or not…………

  8. Jeff

    It seems to be but not sure

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