Zoo Reboot or Season 4 Revival? Return Status of Cancelled CBS TV Show

Zoo rebooted? Zoo rebooting in 2019-20 or beyond? Here’s the latest on the reboot status of cancelled TV series Zoo. Is Zoo TV show about to join the list of TV shows rebooted? Find out below:

More and more cancelled TV shows are being rebooted, revived or getting spinoffs, since such shows have existing fan-bases, and are often cheaper than creating brand new shows. Has Zoo joined this seemingly never-ending list of rebooted shows? Bookmark this dedicated page to find out.


Official Zoo Reboot Status: As of October 21st, 2020, there are no plans to reboot or revive Zoo. As such, Zoo remains cancelled. We’re continuously tracking the official reboot status of Zoo. This guide will be updated with more information as soon as we get it. Stay tuned: bookmark this hub or subscribe to our free weekly renew/cancel newsletter.


Zoo reboot  premiere date – N/A