Elementary Reboot or Season 8 Revival? Return Status of Cancelled CBS TV Show

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  1. Judy SLIFKA

    One of my favorites! Was sad that it ended. Bring it back please!

  2. Ginger Firestone

    I was very disappointed to it ending also. I could still see them setting up shop in the UK where they were headed or even another country – or continuous moving about solving crimes all over as a consulting team. I would miss the supporting cast, but I could be ok with that as long as they don’t replace our two main characters. I had a hard time when they made Watson a female (shall we call it transgender to make liberals happy?) but I would have an equally hard time bringing back Watson as the male he always was in the books.


    Love this show. Great writing and acting that is so rate in TV today. It also had good ratings numbers so I am not alone. Keep the quality… keep this show. It’s just Elementary

  4. Steve K. Palm Bay, FL.

    One of the best shows, ever. Great writers, actors, plots. Would be great to see it come back.

  5. Paulette Poshan

    Myself and my husband love this show and look forward to you bring it back PLEASE

  6. Sally

    Love Elementary and waiting for the last season to air. Wish it wasn’t cancelled because the stories were still great and Jonny and Lucystilldo superb jobs acting. It will be a loss when it ends!

  7. Bronco46

    This is a great show. Always looked forward to every single episode.
    I really hope they find someone to give this great show a home.

  8. robin

    This is one of the very few shows I watch repeats of. Idiots who run things should never never have cancelled this show or Castle. Idiots

  9. Erika

    Love Love Love the Tv Show Elementary and I Love Jonny Lee Miller (Sherlock) & Lucy Liu (Watson) Please somehow someway Do Not Cancel it ..

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