Fringe Reboot or Season 6 Revival? Return Status of Ended Fox TV Series

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    I am so glad and extremely Happy that’ FRINGE Is Coming back it is the best TV show

    1. BATMAN

      It’s not

      1. John Moore

        Maybe not in this universe…

        1. Spider

          I get that

    2. Rudradev Arya

      Hey everyone whoever wants to see fringe again let’s sign a petition to fox how about that we need at least 1000 backers what say guys ????

      1. Ashley Owens

        I want season 6! How do i tell Fox to make

        1. Margo

          I do too! What can I do? I love those kinds of science fiction, mystery, fantasy, tv shows and Fringe is the only one that has all everything in one show that has everything I love to watch. The mystery, horror, fantasy mysterious and more. I can’t find another tv show or movie that I want to watch cause none have those mysterious ways among a little comedy thrown in and love. Fringe had it all! Even action adventure! Let’s try to make them bring it back.

  2. Chris

    It does not say it’s coming back. But hopefully they will decide to do so. Such an iconic show with an equally iconic cast. If the fans voice their opinion on their Facebook page enough, maybe it could happen soon.

  3. Margo Susanna Tovar

    I want fringe to make a comeback so much. Maybe a 3 hour movie with 2 to 3 parts. Fringe was the BEST and I want to see them again and not only reruns.
    I ♡ Fringe

  4. Margo Susanne Tovar

    By the way I’ll sign anything to get them back.
    Fringe fan forever and I’m a Grandma! I don’t look it, lol I love these kinds of shows and this one is the best. Great actors and actresses. Send me something I can sign. A petition? Or?

  5. Margo Susanna Tovar

    It’s Margo Susanna not Susanne lol

  6. Daryl

    I just saw an ad on australian tv show fringe new season. That’s feb 15 but according to this site. The same date shows no new season.

  7. Harris Kalogeropoulos

    If there is a petition i would sign….bring Walter home

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