Two and a Half Men Reboot or Season 13 Revival? Return Status of Cancelled CBS Sitom

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  1. Marty

    It would be great as long as Charlie Sheen returns

  2. GPB

    I would watch it.

  3. Judy SLIFKA

    I would love a reboot! Bring everybody back! Reboots are the thing now. Nice to see your favorites again!

  4. Sheri

    I really miss this show especially when Charlie Sheen was in it!

  5. Monty Harper

    It Would Be Great. And Take Over The Top RatingsSpot, If You Bring All Of The Original Cast. Charle Sheen And Jake

  6. DCP

    I would watch it

  7. James Downing

    I watch the reruns now > Much Better than most of the new shows they are broadcasting now.

  8. Leesa

    I LOVED this show I would definitely tune in but only if Alan and Charlie (Cryer &Sheen) were cast in it as their original Characters. They had AMAZING chemistry together, so Funny!…Alas, I doubt Chuck Lorre’s pride would let that happen though unfortunately. I’d be willing to bet it would gain ALOT of viewers and Money for their pockets though.

  9. Celestial Ode

    Charlie was so important for that show Aston Kutcher did an ok job but sarcasm vital for a show of that type was gone

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