The Enemy Within Cancelled – Should NBC Show Revive Elsewhere? Reboot Tracker

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  1. Eric

    I absolutely love this show. Please please please do not cancel!!!

  2. John

    “The Enemy Within” WAS the best show on the major networks. The 2 programs that were in the same time slot both had large followings before “The Enemy Within” started up. That is a tough assignment for any new program. Please think this over and make the ‘RIGHT” decision! It’s ratings were not that far off from other shows that were renewed.

  3. Sue Cugini

    I have been really enjoying this show and was disappointed to hear that it has been cancelled.

  4. Karen Hansen

    Really really like this show and excellent cast. So unhappy it’s being cancelled

  5. Dorothy Hyde

    Do Not cancel I love this show !!!

  6. Debbi Kane

    What’s the matter with those people in charge!! Absolutely love that show…i think anothef network should pick it is good t.v. have enough reality shows…i think they should give enemy more credit and another chance.thanx

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