Overhaulin’ Revived For Season 10 By MotorTrend – Details, Release Date

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  1. Bob Cook

    I have a 1971 Datsun 240Z that is in great condition but needs to be brought into the 21st century and Chip Foose is just the person that can complete the task. There are no restrictions on what he would see befitting the transition.

  2. Sandra P Dugas

    I own a 1979 Bradley G-80 Electric car that has only 13 miles on it. Yes,13 miles- NOT a typo. It is one of three prototypes made in 1979. I cannot find if the other two prototypes are even in existence. In 1980, the Bradley company made only 50 of these electric cars. I have the complete manual for my car. I bought the prototype online a few years ago and father was going to revive my Bradley, but he became sick and died. I need help desperately.

  3. Douglas Gorsuch

    My son has his grandpa’s 1994 Chevy pu that deserves to be overhauled to preserve the truck and his great memories of his grandpa. He has cherished this truck since before his grandpa passed.

  4. Philip W Hogan

    Hi Guys
    I am a 100% Retired USAF DAV. A few years back I found a shop that said they would install some new parts for me on my 69 Chevy Nova SS clone. Long story short I lost approx $15,000.00 in cash and parts and almost lost the car as this jerk closed his doors and left town.

    I have re-bought 95% of the lost/stolen parts but my all my surgeries and arthritis now put a serious damper on doing a lot of the needed work.

    So Chip and the producers, Im doing some serious reaching out to yall as I’m now 69 and would love to get a few years of real enjoyment out of the old girl.

    Phil Hogan
    2500 Crofoot Trail
    Haslet Texas 76052-3275

    1. Timothy Ratliff

      ‘05 Camry LE 3.0 v6.
      Want to give it to my son.
      Problem is I’ve been limited
      by my disabilities to do the
      kind of repairs I’ve always done
      myself. This car needs Mega TLC.
      2006,000+ miles. exterior and interior.
      We almost lost our son recently to cardiac and liver poisoning. I really would love to give him an overhauled
      and better version of this car. He’s been wanting this car for the last 5 years.

  5. Ilena Pagillo

    My fiancé that I have been together for 19 years has wanted to get his 1969 Chevy Nova restored, and we have not had the money to get it done. It has been sitting in our garage for several years. (most of our relationship). And we have to sell our home because we can not afford to stay here. So needless to say we can not redo this car and it is his dream. He absolutely loves the 69 Nova and I would love to give this to him as he is my world. Please consider us!

  6. Mark

    1965 Ford Falcon

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