Walker – Walker, Texas Ranger Reboot Status, Release Date

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  1. Lynal Tolkacevic

    This show sounds GREAT!! I always LOVED watching Walker Texas Ranger!! I still watch the reruns!!

  2. Rick

    Law-breaking to pursue “what’s right?” Well, that’s certainly relative. Who’s right and whose rights are at stake here? Are we a nation of laws or vigilantes? This is a formulaic fascist loner-cop fantasy rebooted. A cop who breaks the rules? All of them? Some of them? What else does he break? This excuse for “action-soaked” episodes should be drop-kicked into the round file. Show more respect for your audience. The police need a show that portrays the necessary service that they provide, even when it isn’t sexy. Cops need to be portrayed as humans who have chosen a stressful career. A career that requires that the police preserve civil order while preventing violence, not merely reacting to it. We need a show that shows how the police successfully defuse situations instead of adding fuel to a fire, In short, we need cops with longer fuses.

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