Bluff City Law Reboot or Season 2 Revival? Cancelled NBC Series Return Status

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  1. Kathy

    Bluff City Limit was a great show. It should not have been cancelled. The acting and writing was good. NBC should have given it a little more time to grow a following.

  2. Sarah Hill

    I looked forward to Bluff City Law. I think more than a few weeks should be given to any new show. As of now, there are no “new” shows coming back nor are there any shows being shown!! No wonder people are leaving basic television and watching paid t.v. This is shameful and should not happen. Never used to be like this!!

  3. Mike Dombrowski

    Why do they cancel good programs and leave all the reality crap on? Bluff City Law was great.

    1. Dave Radetsky

      The keep the reality shows on because they’re cheap to make. They don’t care about content, just money and the cheap reality shows make them more net dollars than a drama with a good script and acting.

  4. Pam frazier

    It’s a shame NBC cancelled bluff city law it was good what to put more junk on

  5. Rene

    The networks need to look at why everyone is rushing to the streaming services. I’ve watched 5 new shows the last 2 seasons, for all of them to be cancelled. They don’t give enough time for a following to build. Bluff City Law was a favorite. So long NBC.

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