This Is Us Spinoffs To Follow NBC Series Finale?

This Is Us is renewed through Season 6 on NBC, but will spinoff series extend the show beyond that?

Not if series creator Dan Fogelman has anything to do with it, per THR:

Not really. The group of people that you see, you can feel when you come to these things — even if we’re completely insane and the show is no good — you can feel how much the people who work on the show love the show, and I feel a responsibility as one of the leaders of it to end it properly, to do it properly, and walk away with it with no regrets that we understayed or overstayed. So I really don’t think about that at all. Yet.

Really, I think it would be — I’m not supposed to talk about it a lot but I have the plan and I know what we’re going to do.

Are you disappointed there aren’t any plans for This Is Us spinoff shows?