Wayward Pines Reboot Or Season 3 Revival? Status Of Cancelled Fox TV Show

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  1. Judy

    Was a big fan of Wayward Pines when it was on. Would definitely watch it’s return!

  2. Elizabeth McIntyre

    Absolutely became a fan of this show not knowing it had been canceled. Would love to see it come back.

  3. Laurie Blanton

    Please bring back wayward pines. There are so many of us that love the show.

  4. Conchita Lozano

    Really enjoyed watching, I would love to see the future of Wayward Pines in season 3 reboot

  5. Ash

    Wayward pines needs to live on, bring it back!!@

  6. Jennifer Wiseman

    Hopefully Netflix or hulu will pick up this show! I’m obsessed with this show now!! Just found it and am disappointed that it only has 2 season’s to watch ugh!!

  7. Sabine

    In the name of humanity reboot wayward pines!

  8. Lisa


  9. Michael

    Many online reviews seem to claim that only the first season was based on the books, but much of the plot of the second season also came from the books. The writing was actually better than claimed, but fans were understandably attached to the original characters. Perhaps the greatest weakness of the writing in the second season was unwillingness to commit to the change in cast members. Far too much emphasis was given to characters that detracted from the story of the new ones. If the show is either rebooted or continues for a third season from this point in the story, with the latter my personal preference, then it is hoped the writers learn from that mistake and make stronger choices in the next installment. This story has an established fan base and a lot of potential. It’s a story that deserves to be told and I look forward to the next chapter.

  10. Misty Mishler

    How ya just gonna leave us hanging like that come on so.eine pick it bk up!! If anything bring it bk to finish the story line

  11. Luis

    I would like to see it back. My daughter got me hooked on this series and was looking forward to season 3.

  12. Ruby

    Say, it ain’t soo, . You need to bring back Wayward Pines. You can’t just leave us hanging. Plus , it was nice spending time with my nephews watching it.Wake us up. When the crew wakes up.

  13. letsevolve

    I was a HUGE fan. One of the most creative shows in a long time. And with M. Night shyamalan involved? C’mon!! BRING IT BACK!!

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