Into The Badlands Reboot or Season 4 Revival? Return Status of Cancelled AMC Show

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  1. caryl

    Please, someone, reboot ‘into the Badlands’! Original programming, intriguing characters w/ backstories, sci fi, this one has it all. and Daniel Wu!!

  2. Parsons

    Awww man, not another good one cancelled? Please change your mind on this!!

  3. Tony Johnson

    AMC sucks! It’s because of their lack on interest and lack of promotion that they allowed this show to die. What do they replace it with? Some stupid show about witches. A show about witches nobody cares about and is why its ratings are in the toilet.

  4. Laura Hawkins

    WHY? Why would you leave it off the way you did if there wasn’t going to be a spin-off or another season added on? Please explain the ending because all sorts of possibilities have cropped up outta the end of the 3rd season! Thanks

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