Berlin Station Season 4 Revival or Reboot? Return Status of Cancelled Epix TV Show

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  1. Susanne P

    Berlin Station was a great show. The actors were awesome. I was disappointed about the way the show ended.

  2. mike1204

    The story remains unfinished – Steven Frost (alias ‘Diver’), having shot and killed Daniel and witness to this was Hector from a crack through the floorboards – leaving us hanging.
    A feature film (al a ‘Farscape’) would be a great way to finish it properly – Crowd-funding anyone?

    1. Isabel

      Absolutely!! Great Idea- Bring it to Or Better Fox!! So Wish – was intelligent! Amazing Great Acting !!! Terrific Twists

  3. BerlinStationFan

    Great show, very well acted. Bad decision to cancel. Hopefully somehow it gets picked up.

  4. Tom

    What a great show! From the theme music to the bizarre, colorful characters to the Berlin location, this was the best show on television. I was looking forward to season 4.

  5. Kim Smith

    Berlin Station was Great TV!
    Please resurrect

  6. G grimm

    Terrific show! Keeps one guessing where it will go next. Keep it going!

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