Proven Innocent Season 2 Revival or Reboot? Cancelled Fox TV Show’s Return Status Tracker

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  1. Gaile Letbetter

    Every good series placed on a friday timeslot which gives a death sentence but it is better than that

  2. Susan

    Like seriously; what 18-49 year olds are sitting watching this on a Friday night??? Us older folks are and I am sick of you cancelling all the good shows for reality crap for the 18-49 year olds who don’t give a damn anyways because they stay on their phones and play video games!!!!

    1. NME

      I agree!

  3. GPB


  4. Michael Hightower

    @ Susan you are sooooooooooo right about everything you said. There are so many useless reality shows that there is no room for decent watchable shows anymore.

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